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Grace & Groove (Ballet/Jazz Combo for ages 2 1/2 - 4yrs old)
This combination class is where little stars are born. In this class tiny dancers learn the foundation of dance in a fun filled environment. Dancers will become familiar with the beginning steps of ballet and jazz.


Grace, Groove, & Rhythm (Ballet/Jazz/Tap Combo for ages 4 - 5yrs old)
This combination class is an extension of our Grace & Groove Class. In this class our tiny dancers will continue their training with ballet and jazz as well as become introduced to the beginning steps of tap. 


Triple Thrill (Ballet/Tap/Jazz Combo for ages 6 - 8yrs old)
 This 1 1/2 hour class is an extention of our Grace, Groove and Rhythm class. Dancers will continue to strenghten and expand their skills in Ballet, Jazz and Tap. The tiny dancer won't get bored in this class as every thirty minutes they will learn something new.


Ballet/Pointe (all ages)

Our ballet classes include barre and center work, progressions and choreographed dances that enrich the movements of classical ballet. Ballet is the foundation of dance and is required for anyone serious about dance. Dancers that are considering taking Pointe will need to be evaluated by our teachers for proper placement.


Lyrical/Contemporary (all ages)

This beautiful, expressive style is meant to tell a story through the dancer’s movement. Lyrical combines the graceful lines of Ballet technique with the influencing movement of Jazz and Modern. An emotionally driven dance form, “Lyrical” depends greatly on the passion and interpretation of the performer, not just the movements themselves.


​Jazz (all ages)

Our jazz classes enrich and extend students' technical skills through center and progression work. Skills such as extension work, leaps and turns are incorporated into choreographed routines, which challenge the dancers' jazz and memory skills. These upbeat combinations are taught quickly and are fun for the dancer to practice for when they get on stage. 


Tap (all ages)

Our tap classes are designed to teach students about rhythm, timing, and leg/foot coordination done to various types of music. Tap is all about taking dance beyond the visual to the auditory, using your feet as a percussive “instrument” to create sounds as you dance. 


Mini Flips (Intro to acro for ages 2 1/2 - 3 1/2 and 4 - 6yrs olds)

Young dancers get to let loose and just have FUN in this class!  In this class our little flippers will learn the basics and fundamentals of acrobatics in a safe and fun environment . This class will learn everything from forward rolls, backward rolls and cartwheels, to chin stands, handstands and backbends! Our acro teachers are safety certified and professional spotters.

Acro/Contortion (all ages)

Acrobatics involves difficult feats of balance, agility and coordination. Students learn how to do basic tumbling skills from forward rolls & cartwheels all the way up to advanced tricks such as aeriels, back-handsprings, tucks, layouts, contortion, and adagio partnering work. Through out the year, students will be working on improving their flexibility and strength in order to master these tricks. The teachers are saftey certified and expert spotters, and will teach your child based on personal ability. 

Hip Hop (all ages)

Our dynamic hip-hop classes provide students with the latest, cutting edge jazz, hip-hop and street choreography. Basic technique is taught in a fun way that will help newcomers succeed. Dancers should expect to receive fast paced combinations and choreography that is high energy and fun for all ages! This class focuses on age appropriate hip-hop dancing and music that your kids will love. 

Award Winning Competition Team (all ages)

Check out our Competition page for more information about how you can be a part of our Award Winning X-Team! 

Custom Classes (all ages)

We will gladly put together a class for you and your friends! Open to all ages from pre-school to adult. A minimum of 5 people must be in the class in order for it to run.

Private Lessons are also available with our teachers upon request!
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